Active Enabled Vancouver

Accessible, adaptive personal training services specializing in neurological conditions and regaining strength & mobility.

Welcome to Active enabled

Personal Training

We provide personal training services and also offer adaptive personal training specializing in Multiple Sclerosis, neurological conditions/injuries, strokes, and Parkinsons Disease.

From my very first session with Rachel, I knew immediately that she would be a great trainer. She has all the elements of a skilled professional; she’s knowledgeable, attentive and a great listener, helpful, patient, and most important of all, she’s kind.

Rachel creates sessions that are challenging but never intimidating, easy to follow but never boring. I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer!

Rediscover Your Abilities

Active Enabled Vancouver is Adaptive Personal Training for persons of all abilities. We aim to break down barriers to exercise, as well as, act as a resource to connect all adaptive recreation programs in beautiful BC!

What We Do

Active Enabled offers a variety of services to help those with neurological conditions and mobility restrictions to reach their goals and achieve strength and balance.

We provide our services to people of all abilities (including visible and invisible disabilities), goals, and physical activity levels. 

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